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Conversational AI for everyday teams

Verse is the first collaborative platform for natural language processing that brings every kind of team together to build conversational AI.

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Organize information

Keep all of your answers in one place

A simple and beautiful way to organize everything your company knows. A rich WYSIWYG editor that is simple to use. With Verse you can organize your knowledge into a clean structure everyone can discover.

Q&A based knowledge base

Nested categories

Real-time collaboration

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Build the AI

Teach your AI the right questions

Verse needs just a bunch of questions to learn how to answer to your users. And unlike other AI platforms, Verse has real-time collaboration. That means that everyone in your organization can join you in creating your first AI.

AI quality metrics

Continuous AI training

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Publish your assistant

Use AI to never answer the same question twice

Verse comes with a ready-to-use live chat. Just install it on your website in a breeze and enjoy the power of conversational AI. Your whole knowledge will be accessible to your users through a beautiful chat. No more ping-ponging between your thousands of open conversations with your customers.

Live chat widget

Privacy by design

Built-in analytics


All around the globe

AI without borders. Reach your audience everywhere with 5 supported languages including Spanish, French and German and many more to come soon.

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Ever dreamt of having your own AI?

Experience the most enjoyable way to build conversational AI

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